Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tip From Empower Network Reviews

This is what I see from Empower Network review: you can change you life EASILY when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

One point in my life it happened and, you know, for me I will tell you when that happened.

It was back in 2009, I was sleeping in my van and I hated the cops. I will tell you something. Because every damn night I get some cop waking me up and folks if you are a cop and I don’t love you right, you know. But the reality is I get some cop waking me up every single day telling me to move my car because they didn’t want to write me a ticket but they have to wake me up, because they are doing their job, and here I was trying to work, sleeping in the van. I didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment. I barely had enough money to eat. 

I’m sleeping in a van. It is just expensive and I don’t know why. And the whole night I got woken up and so I moved to a new area. Now, I had about $40 in my account. It was like $35 or $40 something like that, and I drove and I you know moved my car to a new area. Well, I went back to sleep and I had to wake up the next morning at 8 or 9 o’clock and go to work. I worked for Greenpeace at the time, right?

Well, the next morning or 2 in the morning. Excuse me. Another cop knocked on my window and he said, “Sorry, sir. I am going to have to write you a ticket.” and I said, “You are going to write a homeless guy a ticket for being homeless.” And he said, “Well, as a matter of fact I am. 

It is not legal to sleep in your van from the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM.” and I said, “Well, it is funny, because that happens to be when everybody in the world sleeps including homeless people.” so in other words it is illegal to be homeless and I argued with the guy for about 10 minutes because I didn’t want to him to write me the ticket, because I only had about $40 left and the ticket I knew I was for $35, because I have gotten a ticket before for being homeless, right? 

So this damn stupid cop wrote me a ticket for the last money that I had in my bank account and it was like the next day or the next two days I got fired from Greenpeace, because the only one selling in the office was me. So they sent a guy in to fire everybody, because you know the office wasn’t doing well and Greenpeace is really like a boiler room of hippy sales people that smoke pot in the meetings, and so I got fired from Greenpeace, right?

 Now for me, that’s what it took to say enough is enough. That’s what it took for me to decide to take over my life. That’s what it took for me to look up and say, “Okay. I need some help.” and I have been in a recovery from being a wussy ever since. And some of you guys, you know, just Dave Sharpe is talking about recovery all the time and, like, it because I am like, “Well, that was kind of what I did.” you know what I mean?

I am less than to it and I am like, “You know I have not had those same problems. I have gone through the same issues, but it is very similar to what I did.” and it is very similar to what you guys need to do and that’s why we tell the story. 

You see a lot of you guys with the struggles that you are having, you see, you think just you need to be told what to do. You think that we just need to give you the magic strategy. You think that we need to come there and say, “Bob, if I just hold your hand and touch your butt as we walk through this field of flowers, then you can make it.” that’s what you think that you need. 

But the reality is guys, it is not what you need and it is not what you want either. You don’t need somebody to hold your hand, and walk beside you, and say, “Let me show you the ropes”, because I could explain the ropes on a napkin, right? If you are homeless I could be drawing on the napkin on the front of your van and I could say, “This is how to be successful. It is not hard. It is not difficult to do.” If you think it is difficult to do folks, you are wrong.

You see a lot of you guys, because you had so much pain, because you had so much failure, because you had been slapped in the face so many times, you think it is a lot harder than it is. Folks this is not difficult. It is not complex. 

Now we are not talking about, you know, building the business of selling soap door to door here and we are not talking about making a list of your family and friends, and slap them over the face with your business opportunity like they are going to join you, because they are family and friends. You know, I want to tell you my least, the training that I think is the biggest piece of crap that I have heard in my entire life, because I did it for years, and I will tell you exactly how well it worked, and I will tell you exactly what it is. 

It is make a list of everybody you know and call them, and beat them to death over the forehead with your business opportunity, right? And I will give you a script that if you will use a 100% of the time, you are going to feel like a moron, right, and make very little money, and the script is, “Hey, bob this is Dave. 

I know I haven’t talked to you in 18 years, but you know, if you remember me, we used to go to high school together. It was back in 1972 and I know I haven’t talked to you in a long time, but you know I was just wondering on how you are doing. And by the way do you keep your business options open I just got in Amway yesterday.” Look guys, that is not a good strategy. Look, if you want to talk about strategy I will tell you a strategy. It’s really simple.

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