Monday, 24 September 2012

Excerpt From Empower Network's Inner Circle

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Still have some doubts? Make sure you watch this video to the very end (skip the first 5 minutes):

This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network

Dave Sharpe: Hey, guys! So this is Dave Sharpe, Co-founder of Empower Network. I am sitting here next to my partner Dave Wood and we are kind of looking over one of the most hypnotic views that I have seen in a long time. And essentially, what we are going to be talking about is

A. Why Empower is moving so fast
B. What people inside of Empower were experiencin
C. The fastest way for you on this call tonight to be able to experience the same thing.

Guys, here is the problem with this industry and I am going to go and jump right into this, because I want to just cut through all the bull crap tonight. 

If you are a guest on the line, I think you are going to hear some things tonight that are going to completely shift and change the way that you view the industry. I think it is going to completely shift the way that you view making money on the internet. I think it is going to completely shift and change the way that you view making money. And my role and goal is to inspire you, inject hope, because really at this point, that’s all I can do. It is really just to give you hope that whatever you are doing right now, you can change it. 

You can start living the life of your dreams, have more fun than you ever had in your entire life, and you can travel the world and live on the beaches of the other world. If that’s what you want to do, which is exactly what I want to talk about here for just a second because here at Empower Network we’ve got more people that I have ever personally seen in my entire life who are living their dreams.

Now, their dreams are defined obviously by each individual. But for me, my dream was just essentially to be able to go out, impact and influence the people all over the world. I mean, for me personally, and that’s really all I can talk about. 

You know, for those of you who don’t know where I came from and who I used to be, I was somebody who struggled with life. I was somebody who was addicted to drugs, somebody who was addicted to alcohol, and somebody who is homeless. I was somebody who had a lot of obstacles to overcome and to even become a productive member of society let alone be an internet billionaire. So the truth to the matter is my dream was to simply kind of:

A. First, become a productive member of the society
B. I was working constructions, so I wanted to stop working as a construction worker. And I will tell you what, when I got started in this industry
C. I wanted to quit driving around the old piece of crap truck that I used to drive around, that when I go over 40 miles an hour on the inner state big old paint chips would fly off. 

That was what my dream was. And then when I got in to the industry, I struggled and experienced a lot of pain, and I was actually just watching a video that I shot about maybe a year a half ago. And my dream back then when I was kind of just you know making a little bit of money, but I hadn’t broke through yet and started to make $30,000 and $40,000 a month. I had experienced a couple of good weeks and a couple of good months. I built a couple of big teams, but guys I didn’t have what we here have at Empower Network.

And my dream essentially back then was to kind of create an automated business and actually live the dream that I was selling and that’s what I want to talk about here for a second because I am looking at one of the most hypnotic views that I have seen in the world, just in a long time. 

We are down here in Costa Rica right now. We are at Empower Network Masters Retreat. And when I got started in the industry about backtracking back to early 2011, I have had a little bit of success and I saw a whole lot of people talking about living the dream. I saw a whole lot of people talk about traveling in the world, but when I went and hanged out with them what they were doing was they were on the phone all day. 

What they were doing was they were grinding and they were miserable. What they were doing was the complete opposite of what they were talking about. In my dream, because I have always been somebody who has had high ethics and high integrity was to essentially be able to live what I was talking about. 

I wanted to be and live, and experience the thing that everybody in this industry had always talked about because isn’t it just true that what appeals to us so much when we get involved in a home-based business, or network marketing, or direct seller’s industry is the time, freedom, the ability to hang out with our families, the ability to not be tied in to a job which for some people stands for just over broke, the ability to not have to worry about bills. Isn’t that what really is attractive to us when we first see this industry?

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