Thursday, 27 September 2012

How To Succeed In Empower Network

Why one person at Empower Network makes money, and the other person who seems to be doing the same thing, does not make any money? Here's the difference. One person acts as it will work no matter what. The other one, always doubts it.

I am going to tell you that this is the simplest thing that you are ever going to hear on how to succeed and it is also the most important. Look here’s what happened to me back in 2009, and I want to talk about this.

I want to drill it, because I want you to believe this and the reason I want you to believe is, because I know that if you believe it and if you act as if it is true I know that you will get results like you have never gotten before in your life from the same activities that you were doing yesterday, and we’ve told you guys what to do during last conference. 

So we have done a conference call every week since we have begun, so at least 27 conference calls. We have been around for eight months, so that’s half of the year. We have got about 30 conference calls where we have been basically saying the exact same thing for half of the year and produced 18 six-figure incomers last month.

Everybody in our top 100 made over $25,000 last month. Last month we had like eight people making over $30,000 and it is all from the same stuff that we have been telling you since we launched this company. So my goal is with this conference call, that tomorrow that when you wake up you will believe that it will work. Okay, and let me tell you something, folks. 

When I got started on this in 2009 and I started marketing I believed that it would work, and I believe that it would work now, and there is a difference in the energy of a person who believes versus a person who disbelieves. What’s the difference? I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine. I am not going to mention his name, because some of you might know who he is.

We met him at a conference in Florida and I was having a conversation with him, you know, and he was wondering. He is like you know, “Dave, you know, I have been working and none of these things work for me” he says, but it is really interesting and he admitted this to me. 

He says, “When I am working for somebody else as an assistant…” you know this is a guy who is a personal assistant for a well-known marketer, and he was like, “When I am working for somebody else as an assistant…” he is like, “I can sit there and I can work all day and night. I can work with blinders on. I will do exactly what I am told to do…” he says, “But when I sit there and I try to do the same thing for myself that I am doing for this other guy…” He says, “I can’t do it!” He says, “I will put attempt of the energy in the work and for myself as I will put into working for another human being…” and he says, “I just need somebody to get me on a track. I just need somebody to keep me focused. Because if somebody will just get me focused, if somebody will just tell me what to do, if somebody will just lead me by the hand, and hold my hand, and walk me through the field of flowers, and then Dave I will do it.”

Well, here is the promise. No, you won’t do it. You see because here is the difference. If you are working for me and I am paying you $15 an hour, and you know I got money, and you know I will pay you, and I paid you every single time you worked, you believed that if you work I will pay you $15 an hour. 

Whereas when you start working in this business, in this industry, in this profession, if you don’t believe that it will work, because the last time you tried you had to pick up the phone call your grandma and she told you, “No.” if you believe that, “No Dave. It won’t work and the reason it is not going to work, is because the last time I was in this I wrote three blog posts and it didn’t work.” “Dave, I don’t believe it will work because the last time I was in for 16 minutes and 42 seconds, and it didn’t work.” “You know, Dave the last time it didn’t work because I started to succeed, and then I got a hangnail, and I quit and it didn’t work.”

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