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Tip From Empower Network Reviews

This is what I see from Empower Network review: you can change you life EASILY when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

One point in my life it happened and, you know, for me I will tell you when that happened.

It was back in 2009, I was sleeping in my van and I hated the cops. I will tell you something. Because every damn night I get some cop waking me up and folks if you are a cop and I don’t love you right, you know. But the reality is I get some cop waking me up every single day telling me to move my car because they didn’t want to write me a ticket but they have to wake me up, because they are doing their job, and here I was trying to work, sleeping in the van. I didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment. I barely had enough money to eat. 

I’m sleeping in a van. It is just expensive and I don’t know why. And the whole night I got woken up and so I moved to a new area. Now, I had about $40 in my account. It was like $35 or $40 something like that, and I drove and I you know moved my car to a new area. Well, I went back to sleep and I had to wake up the next morning at 8 or 9 o’clock and go to work. I worked for Greenpeace at the time, right?

Well, the next morning or 2 in the morning. Excuse me. Another cop knocked on my window and he said, “Sorry, sir. I am going to have to write you a ticket.” and I said, “You are going to write a homeless guy a ticket for being homeless.” And he said, “Well, as a matter of fact I am. 

It is not legal to sleep in your van from the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM.” and I said, “Well, it is funny, because that happens to be when everybody in the world sleeps including homeless people.” so in other words it is illegal to be homeless and I argued with the guy for about 10 minutes because I didn’t want to him to write me the ticket, because I only had about $40 left and the ticket I knew I was for $35, because I have gotten a ticket before for being homeless, right? 

So this damn stupid cop wrote me a ticket for the last money that I had in my bank account and it was like the next day or the next two days I got fired from Greenpeace, because the only one selling in the office was me. So they sent a guy in to fire everybody, because you know the office wasn’t doing well and Greenpeace is really like a boiler room of hippy sales people that smoke pot in the meetings, and so I got fired from Greenpeace, right?

 Now for me, that’s what it took to say enough is enough. That’s what it took for me to decide to take over my life. That’s what it took for me to look up and say, “Okay. I need some help.” and I have been in a recovery from being a wussy ever since. And some of you guys, you know, just Dave Sharpe is talking about recovery all the time and, like, it because I am like, “Well, that was kind of what I did.” you know what I mean?

I am less than to it and I am like, “You know I have not had those same problems. I have gone through the same issues, but it is very similar to what I did.” and it is very similar to what you guys need to do and that’s why we tell the story. 

You see a lot of you guys with the struggles that you are having, you see, you think just you need to be told what to do. You think that we just need to give you the magic strategy. You think that we need to come there and say, “Bob, if I just hold your hand and touch your butt as we walk through this field of flowers, then you can make it.” that’s what you think that you need. 

But the reality is guys, it is not what you need and it is not what you want either. You don’t need somebody to hold your hand, and walk beside you, and say, “Let me show you the ropes”, because I could explain the ropes on a napkin, right? If you are homeless I could be drawing on the napkin on the front of your van and I could say, “This is how to be successful. It is not hard. It is not difficult to do.” If you think it is difficult to do folks, you are wrong.

You see a lot of you guys, because you had so much pain, because you had so much failure, because you had been slapped in the face so many times, you think it is a lot harder than it is. Folks this is not difficult. It is not complex. 

Now we are not talking about, you know, building the business of selling soap door to door here and we are not talking about making a list of your family and friends, and slap them over the face with your business opportunity like they are going to join you, because they are family and friends. You know, I want to tell you my least, the training that I think is the biggest piece of crap that I have heard in my entire life, because I did it for years, and I will tell you exactly how well it worked, and I will tell you exactly what it is. 

It is make a list of everybody you know and call them, and beat them to death over the forehead with your business opportunity, right? And I will give you a script that if you will use a 100% of the time, you are going to feel like a moron, right, and make very little money, and the script is, “Hey, bob this is Dave. 

I know I haven’t talked to you in 18 years, but you know, if you remember me, we used to go to high school together. It was back in 1972 and I know I haven’t talked to you in a long time, but you know I was just wondering on how you are doing. And by the way do you keep your business options open I just got in Amway yesterday.” Look guys, that is not a good strategy. Look, if you want to talk about strategy I will tell you a strategy. It’s really simple.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

How To Change Your Life (Tip From Dave Wood - Co-Founder Of Empower Network)

Well, here’s the reality folks. If you are constantly judging your future experience of entrepreneurial success which is different than being an employee and I want to emphasize that, and if you are judging it based off of the experiences that you have had in the past, it is never going to work, as long as you keep doing that. You see here is the thing, with this particular gentleman. Now a lot of you guys are struggling on the car right now is when he works for the gentleman that is his boss. He knows he is going to get paid, so he works his butt off and does his best. 

Whereas when he put effort in this industry what believes is going to happen is he is going to fail like he did the last time. Not realizing that if you put the exact same energy here as he is over here for this other guy, he would virtually immediately be making $30,000 a month and right now he is probably making $15 an hour. And literally that is the only difference between the two worlds. You see, when a guy goes in to a medical school he didn’t questioned it. He didn’t say, “Oh, no, no… If I am a doctor and I get my degree I am going to make $12.50 an hour and it is not going to be worth it.” He doesn’t say that.

He says, “If I go and be a doctor, I am going to be looked at and I am going to be prestigious in society. People are going to look up to me and, you know, I am going to get a little, you know, name tag that says I am a doctor, and I am going to make about $20,000 a month.” That’s what doctors make after they pay their bills. If they got 15,000 clients or more, it is what they are going to make. We got homeless people making that here in Empower Network that dropped out in college, because they just got too many Fs. Look guys, here is the difference between success and failure. 

The difference between success and failure is so simple. It is unbelievable, because I will tell you what to do and I will tell you something. Folks, I could teach you how to make $30,000 a month on a napkin at Starbucks and if you did it exactly like I told you to do it, it would work and it would take me about 15 minutes to explain. $30,000 a month is for beginners. It is not the goal. All right. If you do it, it will work but you got to do it like you believe it will work and you got to put all your energy, your heart, and your soul into it like there ain’t nothing else.

You know, Dave Sharpe is sitting right next to me and one thing about Dave Sharpe is that we are both in recovery. Dave Sharpe is in a recovery, you know, from drugs or something like that I actually don’t know what it is, right? And I am in a recovery for being a dumbass broke person that never believes that what I am going to be doing is working, always is failing, and is always is getting fired from jobs, and always failing at network marketing, and I am recovering everyday, and I will tell you how you recover, right? 

Because, you know, Dave could probably tell you a little bit better than me, but here is how you recover. If you wake up one morning and you get sick and tired of being broke. You get sick and tired of being an asshole and pretending you are right all the day. You get sick and tired. You get sick and tired, folks, of having a life beating you in the face all the time and not beating it back. You get sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

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This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network

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How To Succeed In Empower Network

Why one person at Empower Network makes money, and the other person who seems to be doing the same thing, does not make any money? Here's the difference. One person acts as it will work no matter what. The other one, always doubts it.

I am going to tell you that this is the simplest thing that you are ever going to hear on how to succeed and it is also the most important. Look here’s what happened to me back in 2009, and I want to talk about this.

I want to drill it, because I want you to believe this and the reason I want you to believe is, because I know that if you believe it and if you act as if it is true I know that you will get results like you have never gotten before in your life from the same activities that you were doing yesterday, and we’ve told you guys what to do during last conference. 

So we have done a conference call every week since we have begun, so at least 27 conference calls. We have been around for eight months, so that’s half of the year. We have got about 30 conference calls where we have been basically saying the exact same thing for half of the year and produced 18 six-figure incomers last month.

Everybody in our top 100 made over $25,000 last month. Last month we had like eight people making over $30,000 and it is all from the same stuff that we have been telling you since we launched this company. So my goal is with this conference call, that tomorrow that when you wake up you will believe that it will work. Okay, and let me tell you something, folks. 

When I got started on this in 2009 and I started marketing I believed that it would work, and I believe that it would work now, and there is a difference in the energy of a person who believes versus a person who disbelieves. What’s the difference? I was having a conversation with a buddy of mine. I am not going to mention his name, because some of you might know who he is.

We met him at a conference in Florida and I was having a conversation with him, you know, and he was wondering. He is like you know, “Dave, you know, I have been working and none of these things work for me” he says, but it is really interesting and he admitted this to me. 

He says, “When I am working for somebody else as an assistant…” you know this is a guy who is a personal assistant for a well-known marketer, and he was like, “When I am working for somebody else as an assistant…” he is like, “I can sit there and I can work all day and night. I can work with blinders on. I will do exactly what I am told to do…” he says, “But when I sit there and I try to do the same thing for myself that I am doing for this other guy…” He says, “I can’t do it!” He says, “I will put attempt of the energy in the work and for myself as I will put into working for another human being…” and he says, “I just need somebody to get me on a track. I just need somebody to keep me focused. Because if somebody will just get me focused, if somebody will just tell me what to do, if somebody will just lead me by the hand, and hold my hand, and walk me through the field of flowers, and then Dave I will do it.”

Well, here is the promise. No, you won’t do it. You see because here is the difference. If you are working for me and I am paying you $15 an hour, and you know I got money, and you know I will pay you, and I paid you every single time you worked, you believed that if you work I will pay you $15 an hour. 

Whereas when you start working in this business, in this industry, in this profession, if you don’t believe that it will work, because the last time you tried you had to pick up the phone call your grandma and she told you, “No.” if you believe that, “No Dave. It won’t work and the reason it is not going to work, is because the last time I was in this I wrote three blog posts and it didn’t work.” “Dave, I don’t believe it will work because the last time I was in for 16 minutes and 42 seconds, and it didn’t work.” “You know, Dave the last time it didn’t work because I started to succeed, and then I got a hangnail, and I quit and it didn’t work.”

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This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network

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Empower Network - Why One Person Does Not Make Money And The Other Does

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This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network.

Isn’t it always best to be doing these calls on a Monday night guys. I just wanted to welcome you out from… You know wherever it is that you are calling in the world you know I have been fascinated Dave. I don’t know if you ever looked at this, but you know sometimes I log in, and look at the phone numbers that are dialed in, and I see countries that I even don’t know where they are. 

And one thing about Empower Network that has been fascinating to me since day one is the way the message is spread to different communities, different ethnic groups, people of different belief systems literally all over the world. And the way that everybody who is really working our system that I have known is actually getting results and our results are increasing every month. And one thing Dave said earlier I just want to emphasize you is the fact that we’ve got leaders whose incomes are going from you know $50,000 to $60,000 in a month.

We’ve also had leaders just last month whose income went from $7,000 to $26,000, whose incomes went from $15,000 to $30,000 a month, and the reality is guys I want you to think about that here for a second. People who will work their entire lives, other professions, and pouring their heart and their sweat, don’t pour their soul in, and all their energy in, and they will not ever make that much money in their entire life. I want you to think about… I am saying something like somebody making $26,000 a month, who is a regular guy in Costa Rica and I am not talking about me. 

By the way, like Justin Verrengia, and you look at that, and you say, “You know my dad didn’t make that much money and he graduated from Stanford in Cornell, and he practiced law for 20 years, and he still wasn’t making that much money, and he was a badass you know he was a badass judge you know at the end of his law career.

And folks what we are doing here is absolutely unbelievable, but is not just the few. It is what the many are doing. That's what is unique about this company. Last month folks, we created 18 new people who are making enough to make over a $100,000 a year.

18 new people, folks, in a month and we are only 9 months old. And I believe what’s going to happen, I have been talking about this for months is after our San Diego event that we are holding in California here this coming month folks we are going to be creating a new $30,000 per month earner every 24 hour period of every single day, and we are going to be doing it 365 days out of the year. 

And I want you to think about not having room full of people, not having a room full of 200 people, not going to an event expecting a huge group of people and finding 150 like you in some company event. I will tell you guys this funny story about when I first started succeeding in the industry. It was back in 2010, I just built my first big team. I was making a big residual income at around $25,000 to $35,000 a month. In fact, the month before I made $25,000 and I flew in to the company event.

Now, I was expecting a massive crowd of people there. I mean, at least four or five other people and there is literally about 30 people at the corporate event. Well that company went out of business you know a month or two later. But the reality is, guys, is our very first event that we ever did starting this company out of a little hotel room put on 1,050 people, our very first event that we did for Empower Network. 

And this next event that we are doing is looking like we are on a phase like I thought it would exactly would be to have over 3,000 people in that event. So how did we do it is the question, and then how can you take that message, and how can you not only change your life, but how can you change the people around you, how can you change your business, how can you get the results that you want taking this principal that have allowed us to succeed at a very high level taking the same things that are working for people over the world into your own business. Let me tell you something, folks.

I am going to tell you something that I have been paying a lot of attention to lately, because I have always wondered. Well, you know why one person seems to be doing the same thing another person is doing, and why one person seems to be getting results, and why the other person seems to not be getting the results. Let me tell you the difference. 


Because a lot of times you will get a new person it could be in Empower Network, it could be in a traditional network marketing business, it could be in affiliate marketing, and they are saying, “I am attending all the webinars. I am on every single conference call. I am on every single training. You know I have been doing exactly what you have been telling me to do and it is not working the way that I want it to work.” Well, simultaneously right next to them, in the same city, in the same country, there is another person doing the same thing. 

Apparently, if you don’t know how to look one person is getting great results and the other person is getting virtually no results. And what is the difference between those two people? Well, what I am going to tell you on this call guys first of all is if you don’t get what I am going to talk to you about tonight you need to listen and re-listen to this call. 

We will send out the replay here after we are done. The second thing you need to do is you need to get to our San Diego event. Because if you don’t get what I am about to tell you, you are going to get it at that San Diego event. What’s the difference between the two people? Folks, here is the difference and what I am about to tell you is magical.

One of the two believes and acts as if it will work, regardless of whether the evidence around him conforms to that belief or not, the other person is constantly questioning, doubting, and thinking that it won’t work and they are acting as if it won’t work. That is the difference. 

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Taking Advantage Of Empower Network And Living Your Dreams

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Empower Network Review: Member's Area Walkthrough:

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This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network.

You know there is a very small percentage of people who actually get to experience that traditionally inside of this industry and there has been a kind of a disconnection with leaders amongst our community and inside of our industry who actually get to experience what they are actually selling.

So my dream was to connect those dots. My dream was to bridge that gap. My dream was to be able to feel good about what I was doing. And for those of you who have heard me speak around the country, and have heard some of my conference calls, webinars, and trainings you know that I am not just the guy who teaches you how to make money. 

But also the guy who allows you and shows you the way to feel good about what you are doing and take your story and impact and influence people all over the world. So I wanted to do more than what I would see people doing, and it wasn’t just about making money. It was about going out and actually living this lifestyle. So I think it is just appropriate that we are kind of looking over the Costa Rica Ocean right now and we are sitting up on a mountain, one of the most beautiful exotic resorts, I have personally ever seen that I finally realized, and it only took a few short nine months. Dave and I were just talking about this a second ago.

I want you to think about how fast and how just right to the point people have been able to go from the same place that I was at back in early 2011 to where they are now. We’ve got people who are flying down here to Costa Rica who are experiencing the things that most people never get to experience inside of this industry, even though it is who are so-called leaders inside of companies. Because what a lot of companies don’t want you to know is that their leaders are only making $5,000 and $10,000 a month, and my friends it is not okay. 

Guys, obviously, there is no income guarantees. We actually publish average earnings on our website at So we don’t have to be wussies. We all know that we’ve all got to put in effort and we’ve got to put in word to be able to accomplish things. But literally right now our leaders’ incomes are growing by 20% each month. We’ve got people, regular people who you may even hear from tonight or today pop up from their dinner that we just left. They are going from $50,000 a month to $60,000 a month within 30 days.

Now of course, those results aren’t typical, but damn it! They are real and they are average people. Let me tell you something. These are real people guys who are experiencing the things that we’ve got going on here at Empower Network and what really gets me pumped up is not the stories like Chuck Marshall who is going from $50,000 to $60,000 this month. It is not the stories like Tony Rush, who is doing about the same thing this month. It is not the stories like Mac who is on a vacation and made $20,000 whether he was working or not. It was the people, like the people that you see on the front of our blog. 

They are normal people who have never had success inside of this industry, who are finally free. And whether it is making their first commission online, or whether it is being able to pay their mortgage payment, or whether it is being able to pay a car payment like somebody sent me a video testimonial the other day, and I just wasn’t able to get up on the blog, this is the stuff that pumps me up.

So here is what I want to tell you as I am sitting on this porch and again, one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my entire life. I don’t know where you are at right now and I don’t know what you are doing. I don’t know what’s going through your head and what you are thinking. I don’t know where you have been before and I don’t know where you want to go in the future. 

But I can tell you that if you are serious, and if you get all in, and if you decide to meet us in San Diego, and you decided to lock arms with us, and fight the forces of evil, my friend you can and you will start to experience the life of your dreams.

Because my friends, here has never been and there never will be anything like Empower Network in this industry ever before or ever again. The time is now my friends. Either get in with us or get out of the way because these guys were doing unbelievable things. I am going to turn the phone over to my partner here Dave Wood and he is going to kind of cast his vision about what he sees, and my friends let me tell you something. 

It is time to get pumped. It is time to get excited. It is time to know that you are in the right place at the right time. If you hear the sound of my voice, then you know that what we are doing here is special, but it ain’t as special if you ain’t involved with us guys. I love you and I am looking forward to seeing you guys not only on the beaches of the world but also in San Diego. 

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Excerpt From Empower Network's Inner Circle

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Still have some doubts? Make sure you watch this video to the very end (skip the first 5 minutes):

This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network

Dave Sharpe: Hey, guys! So this is Dave Sharpe, Co-founder of Empower Network. I am sitting here next to my partner Dave Wood and we are kind of looking over one of the most hypnotic views that I have seen in a long time. And essentially, what we are going to be talking about is

A. Why Empower is moving so fast
B. What people inside of Empower were experiencin
C. The fastest way for you on this call tonight to be able to experience the same thing.

Guys, here is the problem with this industry and I am going to go and jump right into this, because I want to just cut through all the bull crap tonight. 

If you are a guest on the line, I think you are going to hear some things tonight that are going to completely shift and change the way that you view the industry. I think it is going to completely shift the way that you view making money on the internet. I think it is going to completely shift and change the way that you view making money. And my role and goal is to inspire you, inject hope, because really at this point, that’s all I can do. It is really just to give you hope that whatever you are doing right now, you can change it. 

You can start living the life of your dreams, have more fun than you ever had in your entire life, and you can travel the world and live on the beaches of the other world. If that’s what you want to do, which is exactly what I want to talk about here for just a second because here at Empower Network we’ve got more people that I have ever personally seen in my entire life who are living their dreams.

Now, their dreams are defined obviously by each individual. But for me, my dream was just essentially to be able to go out, impact and influence the people all over the world. I mean, for me personally, and that’s really all I can talk about. 

You know, for those of you who don’t know where I came from and who I used to be, I was somebody who struggled with life. I was somebody who was addicted to drugs, somebody who was addicted to alcohol, and somebody who is homeless. I was somebody who had a lot of obstacles to overcome and to even become a productive member of society let alone be an internet billionaire. So the truth to the matter is my dream was to simply kind of:

A. First, become a productive member of the society
B. I was working constructions, so I wanted to stop working as a construction worker. And I will tell you what, when I got started in this industry
C. I wanted to quit driving around the old piece of crap truck that I used to drive around, that when I go over 40 miles an hour on the inner state big old paint chips would fly off. 

That was what my dream was. And then when I got in to the industry, I struggled and experienced a lot of pain, and I was actually just watching a video that I shot about maybe a year a half ago. And my dream back then when I was kind of just you know making a little bit of money, but I hadn’t broke through yet and started to make $30,000 and $40,000 a month. I had experienced a couple of good weeks and a couple of good months. I built a couple of big teams, but guys I didn’t have what we here have at Empower Network.

And my dream essentially back then was to kind of create an automated business and actually live the dream that I was selling and that’s what I want to talk about here for a second because I am looking at one of the most hypnotic views that I have seen in the world, just in a long time. 

We are down here in Costa Rica right now. We are at Empower Network Masters Retreat. And when I got started in the industry about backtracking back to early 2011, I have had a little bit of success and I saw a whole lot of people talking about living the dream. I saw a whole lot of people talk about traveling in the world, but when I went and hanged out with them what they were doing was they were on the phone all day. 

What they were doing was they were grinding and they were miserable. What they were doing was the complete opposite of what they were talking about. In my dream, because I have always been somebody who has had high ethics and high integrity was to essentially be able to live what I was talking about. 

I wanted to be and live, and experience the thing that everybody in this industry had always talked about because isn’t it just true that what appeals to us so much when we get involved in a home-based business, or network marketing, or direct seller’s industry is the time, freedom, the ability to hang out with our families, the ability to not be tied in to a job which for some people stands for just over broke, the ability to not have to worry about bills. Isn’t that what really is attractive to us when we first see this industry?

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Empower Network Reviews - Scam? The Truth Revealed

People who will read this review will probably know what Empower Network is already, or at least, they have heard of something about it. I guess you have read a few positive and maybe even negative reviews where they say that Empower Network = Scam. I know why you may be suspicious, because I was also. In this review, I will tell you everything you need to know.

Is It Another Scam Or The Real Deal?

Before I joined this company, I noticed that people who are not in it say it's a waste of time.

But there's one very interesting thing. People who have joined this company, they do not complain about it. It is very exciting, because they have tens of thousands of customers and they do not even offer refunds... so far there are no complains from the members, which means, there's something very special about this company. Only from people who do not know what it is about I heard complaints, who haven't seen the chance Empower Network offers.

Strange, isn't it? People always complain AFTER they get in, not BEFORE they get in.

There's a very good reason why this happens.

I'll tell you the reason right now.

Because it WORKS. Empower Network flat out WORKS. If it didn't, everyone would be complaining about it.

I should mention that just joining them will not make you a millionaire. But what I am saying is that people like this company so much, no one is complaining about it (if they are a member).

Empower Network Reviews (Real Stories From Real Members)

I have read this story about one guy who joined Empower Network, who is not even 16 years old, who wrote a blog post on his new Empower Network blog and then made his first sale that same day.

Isn't that amazing?

I even heard of people who are BLIND and make $3000 per month with Empower Network.

I heard stories from people like John Wells who did not have any money whatsoever, who used to live on streets... and now he broke $10,000 per month mark.

Even more, I heard this incredible story from Dave Sharp who used to struggle with alcoholism and even used to do drugs... no more. Not only he makes more money than you could ever imagine, he also helps OTHERS to make money online.

You probably also heard about Dave Wood... The guy who found the Empower Network. The one who started this revolution.

He used to struggle a lot. In fact, he lived in a van for years. But then, one day one thing changed. He realized this one thing. The very next month, he went from making $500 per month, to $7000. Then he made $30,000 a month after. Three years later (now), he makes about $300,000 per month and it's growing RAPIDLY.

The best thing? Once you get into the Empower Network, he will share with you what he realized at that point, that allowed him to become an instant success story (after struggling for years).

It's a very tricky thing, actually and I certainly can't tell you that in public. You have to get in.

100% commissions paid directly

When you read most Empower Network reviews, you realize this one thing that is very different from everything you have ever seen.

They pay you 100% commissions directly to your merchant account (or you can use their system to collect payments, it works very well as well and it will get you started instantly).

I want to you ask you something.

Have you ever seen a company that pays out 100% commissions? I haven't. I am sick and tired of promoting those companies that pay you tiny 20% commissions. I hate them!

Empower Network is different.

Not only you get paid 100% on the front end, you get paid 100% on the back-end as well. This means you can sell their products that cost $100 per month, $500 one time, $1000 one time and they are going to add another product that they will sell for $2500+.

You get paid 100% commissions on everything.

Nothing held back.

If you are sick and tired of the slavery model, this is it! You do not need anything, this is the company you need to get in.

You have to click that link below right now if you want to change your life forever and if you are sick and tired of promoting those companies that you tiny little 20% commissions...

Empower Network is for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Click the link below, watch the video and GET ALL IN:

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Member's Area Walkthrough:

Still have some doubts? Make sure you watch this video to the very end (skip the first 5 minutes):

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Google Sniper 2.0 Review - What Is All The Hype About It?

Google Sniper 2.0 Member's Area

I personally have joined over 50 programs that promised I will get rich. Well, I'm unemployed. So I decided it is time to check out what everyone seems to be buzzing about now. First I had to get through a lot of programs I already know do not work then I came across Google Sniper 2.0. I did listen to the whole video about the product. I did not buy it yet but I'm very tempted. It isn't like I don't know about marketing online because I do. 
 With all the products I have bought over the years, I'm not going to lie, some have been very informative and some were truly slapped together garbage. One thing I have to admit is that I was always quickly refunded if I didn't like the product.
My experience has been that some products are very good however; it isn’t often anymore where I am impressed. 
 Some products are free until you download it to find out that without the aid of other products they are promoting, you are not going to get anywhere. In this case, they are not lying because the one you downloaded was free.
Buying anything online really depends on your experience with online marketing. With this being said it is understandable if a product is garbage in my view because of my experience already, may be just perfect for you. I read this Google sniper 2.0 review and it has tweaked my interest. 
The inventor is George Brown. I understand everything he is saying and I do believe he has found a way to make money quickly and it is not a product that will take me months to understand. I downloaded the proof video he made and I'm just sitting on the fence about this one. 
He immediately wants to show you how much money he has made. He also lets you know right up front that he cannot guarantee we would make the same amount or any money at all. I like that.
Even though that goes for any on line money making program, I like how he states that right away. He does talk about campaigns, so that tells me this is going to be a lesson how to do campaigning which I do not have a lot of experience with. 
 I am the type of person that likes a challenge, so this may be something I’d enjoy. George talks about how broke he was before but that is something just about every marketer tells us so we can relate. Then he goes on to tell us about how much money he has lost buying every money making business he could find online. 
So again, it is just another testimonial that there are a lot of bad products out there. I like his voice and I like how he makes the video interesting enough to at least give him your email address. I’m still sitting on the fence about this one; I’ll have to listen to the video again.   

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Empower Network Review - What You Get When You Join

Empower Network is created by David Wood and David Sharpe. It is a great network marketing company, that allows you to resell their products and earn 100% commissions. You earn 100% commissions not only when you sell their front end product, but you earn 100% commissions when you sell their high ticket products also.

Why you should promote them

You should join Empower Network, because it is possible to make so much money with them. There is not as single person who joined this company, who makes one sale of their $25 viral blogging system and who does not make at least $10,000 per month.

The reason why you make so much money when you sell this low ticket product is, because that product provides so much value, people go and buy all other products and as you already know, you earn 100% on everything.

Right now there are 20 people who make more than $10,000 per month with this company and when you are reading this, there are probably a lot more, because they are growing super fast right now and it is not going to stop.

Member's Area Walkthrough:


Right now, when I am writing this Empower Network review, they have 4 products. They are:

Viral Blogging System which is $25 per month. They give you a done for you blog and you can start blogging instantly without doing any technical stuff.

Inner Circle which is $100 per month. There are lots and lots of audios in that inner circle and they keep on adding many of them each month. They interview the most successful people in this industry and then they put this interview in this Inner Circle.

Costa Rica Intensive which is $500 one time. They talk about some very advanced viral traffic generation srategies.

$15k per month formula which is $1000 one time. They talk about how to make $15 per month - they cover everything. Advanced SEO, blogging, paid traffic.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of stuff in this product. I highly recommend that you get all of them!

Also, David Wood often writes a blog post and shares them. I really like reading them. Just go to their blog and you will see what I am talking about!

Also, when you buy this system, they will send you a link that will allow you to register for a webinar for new members. Make sure you watch it, because it will allow you to understand how this thing works, alright?

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post which is called "Empower Network Review - What You Get When You Join".

Make sure you leave your feedback!

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Get in, do not be a wussy, lol.