Friday, 28 September 2012

How To Change Your Life (Tip From Dave Wood - Co-Founder Of Empower Network)

Well, here’s the reality folks. If you are constantly judging your future experience of entrepreneurial success which is different than being an employee and I want to emphasize that, and if you are judging it based off of the experiences that you have had in the past, it is never going to work, as long as you keep doing that. You see here is the thing, with this particular gentleman. Now a lot of you guys are struggling on the car right now is when he works for the gentleman that is his boss. He knows he is going to get paid, so he works his butt off and does his best. 

Whereas when he put effort in this industry what believes is going to happen is he is going to fail like he did the last time. Not realizing that if you put the exact same energy here as he is over here for this other guy, he would virtually immediately be making $30,000 a month and right now he is probably making $15 an hour. And literally that is the only difference between the two worlds. You see, when a guy goes in to a medical school he didn’t questioned it. He didn’t say, “Oh, no, no… If I am a doctor and I get my degree I am going to make $12.50 an hour and it is not going to be worth it.” He doesn’t say that.

He says, “If I go and be a doctor, I am going to be looked at and I am going to be prestigious in society. People are going to look up to me and, you know, I am going to get a little, you know, name tag that says I am a doctor, and I am going to make about $20,000 a month.” That’s what doctors make after they pay their bills. If they got 15,000 clients or more, it is what they are going to make. We got homeless people making that here in Empower Network that dropped out in college, because they just got too many Fs. Look guys, here is the difference between success and failure. 

The difference between success and failure is so simple. It is unbelievable, because I will tell you what to do and I will tell you something. Folks, I could teach you how to make $30,000 a month on a napkin at Starbucks and if you did it exactly like I told you to do it, it would work and it would take me about 15 minutes to explain. $30,000 a month is for beginners. It is not the goal. All right. If you do it, it will work but you got to do it like you believe it will work and you got to put all your energy, your heart, and your soul into it like there ain’t nothing else.

You know, Dave Sharpe is sitting right next to me and one thing about Dave Sharpe is that we are both in recovery. Dave Sharpe is in a recovery, you know, from drugs or something like that I actually don’t know what it is, right? And I am in a recovery for being a dumbass broke person that never believes that what I am going to be doing is working, always is failing, and is always is getting fired from jobs, and always failing at network marketing, and I am recovering everyday, and I will tell you how you recover, right? 

Because, you know, Dave could probably tell you a little bit better than me, but here is how you recover. If you wake up one morning and you get sick and tired of being broke. You get sick and tired of being an asshole and pretending you are right all the day. You get sick and tired. You get sick and tired, folks, of having a life beating you in the face all the time and not beating it back. You get sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

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