Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Taking Advantage Of Empower Network And Living Your Dreams

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Empower Network Review: Member's Area Walkthrough:

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This is a short excerpt from one of audios that can be found in the Inner Circle of Empower Network.

You know there is a very small percentage of people who actually get to experience that traditionally inside of this industry and there has been a kind of a disconnection with leaders amongst our community and inside of our industry who actually get to experience what they are actually selling.

So my dream was to connect those dots. My dream was to bridge that gap. My dream was to be able to feel good about what I was doing. And for those of you who have heard me speak around the country, and have heard some of my conference calls, webinars, and trainings you know that I am not just the guy who teaches you how to make money. 

But also the guy who allows you and shows you the way to feel good about what you are doing and take your story and impact and influence people all over the world. So I wanted to do more than what I would see people doing, and it wasn’t just about making money. It was about going out and actually living this lifestyle. So I think it is just appropriate that we are kind of looking over the Costa Rica Ocean right now and we are sitting up on a mountain, one of the most beautiful exotic resorts, I have personally ever seen that I finally realized, and it only took a few short nine months. Dave and I were just talking about this a second ago.

I want you to think about how fast and how just right to the point people have been able to go from the same place that I was at back in early 2011 to where they are now. We’ve got people who are flying down here to Costa Rica who are experiencing the things that most people never get to experience inside of this industry, even though it is who are so-called leaders inside of companies. Because what a lot of companies don’t want you to know is that their leaders are only making $5,000 and $10,000 a month, and my friends it is not okay. 

Guys, obviously, there is no income guarantees. We actually publish average earnings on our website at Empowernetwork.com/income.php. So we don’t have to be wussies. We all know that we’ve all got to put in effort and we’ve got to put in word to be able to accomplish things. But literally right now our leaders’ incomes are growing by 20% each month. We’ve got people, regular people who you may even hear from tonight or today pop up from their dinner that we just left. They are going from $50,000 a month to $60,000 a month within 30 days.

Now of course, those results aren’t typical, but damn it! They are real and they are average people. Let me tell you something. These are real people guys who are experiencing the things that we’ve got going on here at Empower Network and what really gets me pumped up is not the stories like Chuck Marshall who is going from $50,000 to $60,000 this month. It is not the stories like Tony Rush, who is doing about the same thing this month. It is not the stories like Mac who is on a vacation and made $20,000 whether he was working or not. It was the people, like the people that you see on the front of our blog. 

They are normal people who have never had success inside of this industry, who are finally free. And whether it is making their first commission online, or whether it is being able to pay their mortgage payment, or whether it is being able to pay a car payment like somebody sent me a video testimonial the other day, and I just wasn’t able to get up on the blog, this is the stuff that pumps me up.

So here is what I want to tell you as I am sitting on this porch and again, one of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my entire life. I don’t know where you are at right now and I don’t know what you are doing. I don’t know what’s going through your head and what you are thinking. I don’t know where you have been before and I don’t know where you want to go in the future. 

But I can tell you that if you are serious, and if you get all in, and if you decide to meet us in San Diego, and you decided to lock arms with us, and fight the forces of evil, my friend you can and you will start to experience the life of your dreams.

Because my friends, here has never been and there never will be anything like Empower Network in this industry ever before or ever again. The time is now my friends. Either get in with us or get out of the way because these guys were doing unbelievable things. I am going to turn the phone over to my partner here Dave Wood and he is going to kind of cast his vision about what he sees, and my friends let me tell you something. 

It is time to get pumped. It is time to get excited. It is time to know that you are in the right place at the right time. If you hear the sound of my voice, then you know that what we are doing here is special, but it ain’t as special if you ain’t involved with us guys. I love you and I am looking forward to seeing you guys not only on the beaches of the world but also in San Diego. 

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